Audit software and methodology
  • ISA compliant audit methodology
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Web-based
  • Easy to use
  • Supports your engagement management
Using a modern audit software that integrates and operationalizes the ISAs is the only way to perform an effective high quality audit
- Per Hanstad
CEO of the Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants


100% ISA compliant

The software guides the user throughout the engagement on what to do, why and how to document, and ISA requirements are linked with each step. Descartes can easily be tailored to national or firm specific requirements, guidance and templates.

No installation or upgrade

Descartes is web based, available through your favorite browser on a computer, tablet or phone. There are no need for installation and the software is continuously improved with functionality based on requirements and user input.

Includes storing of data

All data is stored within Descartes, in a secure environment. There are no need for local infrastructure. Each company has their own database with daily backup of all data and restore capabilities.

About Descartes

  • Developed by Norwegian Institute of Public Accountants
  • In use since 1998
  • Used by more than 2700 auditors in multiple countries
  • Used by financial statements auditors, municipality auditors, internal auditors, National Audit Offices, public oversight bodies and universities
  • Bought by Visma in 2017

What clients say

«Descartes guides us through the process with instructions, ISA-references and national laws and regulations. We can even include our own guidelines.»

«Wherever we are in Descartes, there are templates to use, and we can add our own company templates wherever we want.»

«The engagement overview gives the responsible full controll of each teams´ progress.»


Descartes is a complete solution for systemazing the audit flow.

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